Presentation Assignment for Public Finance & Fiscal Policy


Over the course of the semester each student should bring in at least 2 different articles on current events relating to public finance or fiscal policy that they will briefly summarize and discuss with the class.  If you wish you can use visual aids such a PowerPoint, overheads, or handouts to facilitate your discussion.  If you would like help with any of these tools please feel free to come see me.  Your initial discussion of the article should not take more than 5 minutes, although depending on comments from the class, further discussion could go longer.


You may recall Michelle Rando did a nice job earlier this semester discussing the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon.  That was an example where visual aids were particularly helpful for getting a sense of what the sky walk is like.  Other topics may or may not be facilitated by visual aids.


I think the discussion of current events related to public finance and fiscal policy will tend to make the class more interesting.  However, human nature can lead to procrastination and it could be very difficult, and less interesting for the class because of the rush, to do all the discussions at the end of the semester.  Therefore, setting some deadlines could be helpful at this point, after all we have now reached about midpoint in the semester with 12 class sessions remaining and you should have enough background now to recognize interesting items in the news that relate.  Perhaps some of you will summarize and discuss articles with the class next week.  Generally I feel the sooner we get to have some of these discussions the better.  However, just in case please keep the following deadlines in mind.


Current  Events Presentation Deadlines Spring 2007

Last name begins with

1st presentation

on or before

2nd presentation on or before


Tuesday April 17

Thursday May 3


Thursday April 19

Tuesday May 8


Tuesday April 24

Thursday May 10


Thursday April 26

Tuesday May 15


Tuesday May 1

Thursday May 17