New Course!
ECON 4950/ CJ 4950:
team-taught by Dr. Elaine Peterson and Dr. Diana Grant

Examines crime and the allocation of criminal justice resources from an economic and criminal justice perspective including economic modeling of the supply of crime, the impact of crime, cost-benefit analysis fundamentals, and analysis of alternative public policies for crime prevention, deterrence, and punishment.
Please Note: There are no prerequisites for this course, but to register you must register for both the lecture and activity sections. (They are “corequisites” and the STAN system will probably complain if you don’t register for both 4950 and 4953).

The Spring 2000 CRN numbers are 21558 and 21559 to have the course listed as ECON4950 and ECON4953.
Or use CRN numbers 21560 and 21561 to have the course listed as CJ4950 and CJ4953 on your records.
This course helps satisfy elective requirements for Criminal Justice Majors, Economics Majors, and Economics Minors.

Syllabus Spring 2000
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Practice questions for Final

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