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Public Finance & Fiscal Policy

Syllabus for Spring 2007


Short Assignments

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Short Assignment 1

Short Assignment 2

Short Assignment 3

Presentation Assignments

Short Assignment 4


Benefit Cost Example of how you might respond to question 5 on p. 246 on Rosen

Benefit Cost example from exam 1 fall 2002

Benefit Cost example from exam 1 fall 2001

Benefit Cost example from Exam 1 Fall 2000 on proposed light guard system


Unit vs. Ad Valorem Tax Calculations Example


An analysis of alternatives for cleaning up Houston’s air


Practice Exam 1

Practice Final

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Some Interesting/Useful Sites


Congressional Budget Office

The Public Policy Institute of California
Resources for Economists on the Internet
CCER National Budget Simulation
The Economic Report of the President

JSTOR: American Economic Review
Collections and Services
Center for Public Policy Studies at CSU Stanislaus
Critical Links: Employment Growth, Unemployment and Welfare-to-Work in Stanislaus County

Annual Envisioning California Conference


Fedstats: One Stop Shopping Federal Statistics

Office of Management and Budget

Statistical Abstract of the United States

U.S. Census Bureau Home Page

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Urban Institute: Welcome to the Urban Institute (The Urban Institute Homepage)
School of Urban Planning and Development (SUPD) Web

CBS Market Watch
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
Institute for Research on Poverty
International Monetary Fund, IMF Home Page
 Links to other interesting sites.

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