PAL: Perspectives in American Literature
A Research and Reference Guide - An Ongoing Project

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 "Perhaps no other site on the world wide web is more often cross-referenced and "linked to" from the thousands of other literary web pages than the PAL site. ... " - Professor Michael O'Conner, Millikin Univ. (Read the entire major site review at American Literature Web Resources).

With more than 400 pages, including over 360 author pages, this is a major site in American literature on the web. It has been found useful by readers around the world. It is a research and reference tool not a term paper factory. This site is particularly useful for those who have no or limited access to university libraries and databases.

For over eight years, PAL has been online as an ongoing project; readers will find regular updates of existing pages as well as additions of new authors, appendices, and expanded bibliographies with call numbers of those titles which are available in the CSU Stanislaus Library (useful for interlibrary loans).

Please note that many of the study questions, which appear on different PAL pages, are taken from John Alberti, ed. the Instructor's Guide for the Heath Anthology, Second Edition, 1994, and Marjorie Pryse, Teaching with the Norton Anthology of American Literature, Fourth Edition, 1994. 


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Preface to the Fifth Edition

Since its first publication as A Guide to Perspectives in American Literature, 1620-1920 , this book, through its many editions, has been found useful by hundreds of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Instructors have also found this work valuable as a quick and convenient reference to the major movements and various authors in American Literature.

Dr. James P. Jensen, Professor Emeritus of English, has written the following about The Guide :

This work is a carefully organized and knowledgeable compendium of sources, definitions, and key topics for use in connection with undergraduate courses in American Literature. Based on Professor Reuben's considerable experience in teaching and developing such courses, this is a useful and conveniently arranged vade mecum for either the experienced or new instructor and for the student.

The emphasis of this work is on the major perspectives or literary movements in American literature. Seven important perspectives are discussed, covering over three hundred years of writing in America. This book is conveniently and chronologically organized. The reader will find useful information for further study and research on various literary movements and their representative authors.

The material in this book has been tested in many courses and found valuable by hundreds of students.

Paul P. Reuben
July, 1992
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