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When will my financial aid be paid to me?

Payment of financial aid funds begins approximately one week prior to the start of each academic term and continues on a weekly basis throughout the school year. You must have received an award of Financial Aid funds, returned all required acceptance materials, and registered in enough units to achieve eligibility for payment. Students who do not qualify for payment at the beginning of a term will be processed for payment as soon as their award, acceptance and/or registration status qualifies them for disbursement. Most financial aid payments to students are made via electronic fund transfer to the student’s checking or savings account.

What if I register for classes, receive my financial aid funds but do not attend classes for the term? May I keep the financial aid funds?

No, you are required to return those funds to the Financial Aid/Scholarships Department (MSR-100) and to formally withdraw from the University. Your records at California State University, Stanislaus will be held, and you will not be eligible for further financial aid at any college or university, until that repayment is made.

I am receiving an off-campus scholarship, when will I get my scholarship money?

Scholarship funds are provided and administered by a variety of sources both on-campus and off-campus. Due to the large number of programs and requirements involved, specific payment dates are not always predictable. When funds are received and enrollment requirements are met on a timely basis, scholarship funds are made available the week before the Fall and/or Spring Semester.

I plan to spend one semester at another CSU campus. Can I take my financial aid with me?

Students enrolled at California State University, Stanislaus may attend another CSU campus for a term as a visiting student and receive the financial aid (other than work-study) awarded to them for that term at the Stanislaus campus. Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to make arrangements for transmitting funds to the other campus.

Students admitted to other CSU campuses and attending CSU Stanislaus on visitor status are not eligible to receive financial aid from CSU Stanislaus. They must apply for aid from their home campus.

For more information on the CSU Visitors Program see the University Catalog.

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