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Applied Geography Concentration

This concentration is designed to provide a core of geography courses
which have a practical application in careers in computer mapping, city
planning, public administration, or resource management.

1. Complete the prerequisites to the major (6 units)

2. Complete the following required methodology courses (12 units):

GEOG 3700 Cartography, 3 units
GEOG 3751 Introduction to Computer Applications in Geography, 3 units
GEOG 4301 Permaculture Applications in Diverse Environments, 3 units
GEOG 4710 Field Methods (WP), 3 units

3. Complete a minimum of 6 units from the following applied courses:

GEOG 4700 Geographical Processes in Arid Landscapes: Death Valley, 4 units
GEOG 4730 Computer Applications in Geography, 1-3 units
GEOG 4750 Geographic Information Systems, 3 units
GEOG 4930 Planning Issues, 1-2 units

4. Complete the following as per advisement (18 units):

a. Six units of Physical Geography
b. Three units of Regional Geography
c. Six units of Human Geography
d. Three units of upper-division Geography Electives

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