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HIST 3400: The Great Teachings, Fall 2000
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MWF 10:10-11:08 a.m.
Room P165
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Class Schedule

Book Report Form

Lewis M. Hopfe, Religions of the World (MacMillan)

D.W. Hamlyn, A History of Western Philosophy (Penguin) On reserve in the library is T.Z. Lavine, From Socrates to Sartre (pp. 261-320 for Nov. 29, Dec. 1)
This is an upper-division, General Education course; junior standing is prerequisite. "The Great Teachings" will introduce you to the history and analysis of major world religions and ideologies, including Greco-Roman, Hindu, Buddhist, Judaic, Christian, Confucian, Islamic, and Marxist.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS (Please direct questions to Prof. VanderMolen)
1. Each student is expected to attend class regularly, per university regulations.
2. There will be two one-hour midterm exams: Wed., Oct.11; Fri., Nov. 17. Exams will include essay and identification items.
3. Each student will submit two book reports. Please read two books and write two reports on different aspects of the course and with different instructors. Choose each work in consultation with the appropriate instructor and collect the graded paper from the instructor to whom it was submitted. The first paper is due on Mon., Oct. 30; the second no later than Wed., Nov. 29. NOTE: Each student must get the appropriate approval and signature from the appropriate instructor for each book report. The approval forms are attached to this outline. If your paper is submitted without the appropriately signed agreement, your grade will be lowered by at least one full letter grade
4. Each student will take the final exam, scheduled on Mon., Dec. 18, 8:30-10:30 a.m. The examination will emphasize topics from Nov. 20 through Dec. 11, but earlier course material should be included in your essays.
1. Grades will be computed as follows:
  two one-hour examinations-----------------------------1/3
two book reports-------------------------------------------1/3
Final examination-----------------------------------------1/3
2. No make-up tests will be given. If you miss a midterm exam with an excused absence, you will have to write an additional two book reports based on two books selected in consultation with two instructors. An excused absence at the final exam will require reading four additional books and submitting four reports. (Excused absences are for death in the family, illness verified in writing by a doctor, or jury duty.)
3. Grading options. This course is normally graded on an ABCDF basis, including plus and minus grades. Students who wish to take this course CR/NC must submit the proper forms by Wed., Oct. 4.
EXTRA UNITS: You may earn one or two extra credits toward graduation by registering for HIST 4000, Readings in History, which requires extra reading and writing in consultation with one of the course instructors. The History Department requires two books per unit.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Following is our class schedule, including daily topics, instructors and required reading. You should do the reading BEFORE the class session for which it is required.

8 F Introduction: faculty, requirements, approach
11 M Studying Religion (Dr. Ahanotu)
13 W Primal Religions (Dr. Ahanotu); read Hopfe, "Basic Religions," "American
Indian Religions," "African Religions"
15 F Primal Religions: Rituals of Divine Kingship (Dr. Ahanotu)
18 M Film
20 W Hinduism (Dr. Oppenheim); read Hopfe, "Hinduism"
22 F Hinduism: film--"Long Search: Hinduism, 330 million gods" (Dr. Oppenheim)
25 M Taoism and Confucianism (Dr. Sweeten); read Hopfe, "Chinese Religion"
27 W Chinese Religion - film
29 F Buddhism (Dr. Sweeten); read Hopfe, "Buddhism"
2 M Buddhism: film - "Long Search: Land of Dying Buddha" (Dr. Sweeten)
4 W Shinto (Dr. Sweeten)
6 F Panel Discussion (Drs. Ahanotu, Sweeten, Oppenheim)
11 W Test (on material through Oct. 6)
13 F Philosophy, Ideas, Ideology (Dr. VanderMolen); read Lavine, pp. 1-6, 386-418
16 M Greek Philosophy (Dr. VanderMolen); read Lavine, pp. 9-76
18 W Greek Philosophy (Dr. VanderMolen)
20 F Judaism: "Layers of Judaism," or, "Upon What Foundation was the House Built?" (Dr. Oppenheim); read Hopfe, "Judaism"
23 M Judaism: "Layers" continued (Dr. Oppenheim)
25 W Judaism: Basic Teachings continued (Dr. Oppenheim)
27 F Christianity: Primitive Christianity (Dr. VanderMolen); read Hopfe, "Christianity"
30 M Christianity: Medieval Christendom (Dr. VanderMolen); read Lavine, pp. 77-83
1 W Christianity: Modern Christianity (Dr. VanderMolen)
3 F Islam (Dr. Ahanotu); read Hopfe, "Islam"
6 M Islam: film - "The Long Search: There is no God but God"
8 W Islam: Foundations of the Islamic Community (Dr. Ahanotu); read Hopfe, "Islam"
13 M Religion and the Modern State (Dr. Ahanotu)
15 W Panel Discussion (Profs. Ahanotu, Oppenheim, and VanderMolen)
17 F TEST (on topics from Oct. 13 through Nov. 15)
20 M Enlightenment ideas: Critique of Christianity (Dr. VanderMolen); read Lavine, pp. 83-184
22 W Enlightenment Ideas: New Principles (Dr. VanderMolen); read Lavine, pp. 186-257
27 M Secular Salvation in the Nineteenth Century: Romanticism, Nationalism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Positivism (Dr. VanderMolen)
29 W Marxism: "Karl Marx; Marxism as a Utopian Vision; The Marxist World View" (Dr. Oppenheim); read Lavine, pp. 261-320
1 F Marxism: Key Doctrines and Principles (Dr. Oppenheim)
4 M Secularism and Oriental Religions (Dr. Sweeten) us Reform (Dr. Oppenheim)
6 W Secularism and Judaism: Emancipation, Haskalah (Enlightenment), Religion
8 F Secularism and Christianity: Liberalism, Fundamentalism, Neo-Orthodoxy (Dr. VanderMolen); read Lavine, pp. 322-348, 393-412
11 M Panel: Review Session (Drs. Ahanotu, Oppenheim, Sweeten, VanderMolen)
  FINAL EXAMINATION: Friday, Dec. 18, 8:30-10:30 a.m. (emphasis on Nov. 20 through Dec.11 materials)



NOTE TO STUDENTS: This agreement, signed in the appropriate place, must accompany book reports a student submits. A student who fails to follow the procedures--which are designed to help the student--will not receive credit for this part of the course.

Book Report #2 (Approval to be gained at least two weeks before the book report is due.)

Student's name: __________________________ Off-campus site: _________________

A. Author of book: _______________________________________________________

B. Title of book: ________________________________________________________

C. ___________________________________ _______________________________
approval of instructor date

(Clip off this section and staple it to your second book report.)

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Book Report #1 (Approval to be gained at least two weeks before the book report is due.)

Student's name: __________________________ Off-campus site: _________________

A. Author of book: _______________________________________________________

B. Title of book: _________________________________________________________

C. ____________________________________ ______________________________
approval of instructor date

(Clip off this section and staple it to your first book report.)