Housing Residential Life
Current Residents

As you consider your living arrangements for the upcoming year I encourage you to look at the benefits of extending your stay with us!  Some of these include:

  • The biggest one of all....If 1st time CSU Stanislaus freshman who lived on campus for only 1 year had a 12% faster 4-year graduation rate than freshman who didn't live on campus, imagine what your graduation rate could be if you live on campus for two or more years!  They relates to your career path, your future and your debt upon graduation.
  • Building upon and expanding friendships you've already established and meeting new people who share similar academic and personal aspirations.  Your university experience grows and adapts each year.  Your 2nd year won't be exactly the same as your 1st year and your 4th year will probably differ from your 3rd year. Continuing to live on-campus allows you support as you adapt to changing academic expectations, embrace new leadership roles, and/or manage work and familial relationships relationships.
  • Access to centralized academic support services which are planned according to your schedule and availability. Think about those tutoring sessions in housing you've attended in the past, or the late night study sessions you joined or the academic wellness workshops you were able to attend. 

Workshops and sessions are planned exclusively for our 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students as we recognize YOUR needs and interests change as you change.  Opportunities to meet your major faculty, resources to help you pick a major if you haven't decided and assistance with career development and exploration are just a few of the support resources available.

  • It's all about your choices and your decisions.  Housing continues to provide a support network for you, but we recognize that your expectations for housing staff involvement probably aren't the same as they were your first year.  We're here if you need us, and we'll continue to provide support and events as you want them.
  • You still have the benefit of one all-inclusive rate, but now can choose a smaller meal plan as you might have decided to explore your passion for cooking!  Maybe you aspire to compete as an Iron Chef and test all your culinary treats on your roommates...we don't know, but hey, you can if you want!
  • You've lived with us for one year and we encourage you to take advantage of all the benefits you've had.  Think about what you gained during this year, we bet the friendships you made, the grades you received and the support you had access to are pretty hard to turn down for another year.  If the first year was all about getting settled and grounded in your university experience, then imagine what you can accomplish in these next years.