Housing Residential Life
Application Process

International students complete the online application when requesting on campus housing.  Prior to beginning the online application, it’s good to know a little bit about how the process works:

To complete the application you’ll need to have a couple of things handy:

  • MyCSUSTAN Login Information – This will be used to access the online housing application and requires authentification prior to use.
  • Debit card/credit card – This will be used to pay your deposit at the end of the application process.  You will use your MyCSUSTAN login to access this service.
  • Health insurance information
  • Contact information for your financial guarantor/co-signer if you are under 24 years old – This person will share financial responsibility for the cost of your housing. You’ll need to provide basic contact information including: first & last name, address, phone number, etc.

An application is not considered complete until Housing and Residential Life has received the following:

  • The online application is complete.  Click here to go to application
  • $200 deposit has been paid or a Deposit Deferral Form has been approved
  • Signed Financial Guarantor/Co-Signer Form has been received by the Housing Office. 

Click here to see housing costs for the Academic Year and the Fall Term.

Other Useful Information

Roommate Requests: Housing applicants are able to use the online roommate and room location self-select features to select their preferred roommates and room location. Access to this feature is based on the date that a COMPLETE housing application was received in the Housing Office. 

If you plan to request a specific roommate make sure that your request is mutual; meaning you both must put each other down as a preferred roommate.

  • Complete the housing application in a similar time frame. If you submit yours weeks ahead of the other person it is likely that you wont' be able to select your preferred roommate until days or weeks after the other person.  Turning in your applications at the same time will increase the likelihood that you and your friend will be given a similar registration time for online roommate selection. 
  • Make sure that all the paperwork and financial matters have been completed.

Early Check-In: If you will be arriving before Move-In Day (September 5) and would like to request authorization for early check-in you will need to complete and submit a Request for Early Check-In Form. International students may start checking in at 10:00a.m., Wednesday, August 11, 2010. Check-In prior to this date will have an associated nightly charge.

August Housing Payment: Your first housing payment is due August 1st and is considered late if not received by August 10. This payment is separate from your deposit.  You may make a payment online, wire transfer or request to have the payment deferred until after your arrival.

Unless other arrangements have been made with the Housing Accounts Coordinator the Housing Office must receive your deposit and August payment prior to check-in.

Have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer.

Still have questions? Call or email us at (209) 667-3675.