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Welcome to the Housing and Residential Life website, a great resource specifically tailored for the parents of California State University, Stanislaus students. Whether you are an old hat at sending children off to college or sending off your first, you’ll find a variety of useful information about residential housing and the university.

As you and your child ponder the benefits of living on-campus versus off-campus consider a bit of the following research by Alexander Astin. In his book What Matters In College: Four Critical Years Revisited Mr. Astin reports on his study of college students who lived on campus.

The results shed light on something long known by housing professionals, namely that students who live on campus are statistically more likely to:

  • Be satisfied with their university experience.
  • Have a higher persistence rate and graduate sooner than students who live off-campus.
  • Maintain a higher grade point average, with a higher percentage of residence hall graduates pursuing professional degrees after obtaining their bachelor degree.
  • Be more involved in campus life, including: clubs, Greek life, and student leadership.
  • Build relationships with their faculty and university employees

Living on campus provides students with a short-cut to success, both academically and personally. For a single all-inclusive rate residents are able to focus on their studies, build relationships, and access programs and events exclusively for the residential community. One such program is the Faculty-In-Residence, a member of the University faculty who lives amongst the residential students hosting a variety of programs. Another program, the Village Varsity that pairs freshman residents with returning upper-class residents who help serve as mentors. This helps new students navigate their classes, the university structure, as well as overcoming those bouts of being homesick or times when students realize that academic expectations in college might be a little more challenging than they thought.

We understand the challenges and tribulations students face, whether it is learning time management skills, coming out of their proverbial shell or realizing that living away from home is both rewarding and difficult. We exist because of our students and we pride ourselves in helping them on their path of personal growth and academic success. We believe that our four ships—Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, and Relationship—the core focal points for our program, will continue to help students sail to success as they take advantage of all that the community has to offer.

As you navigate through our site you will find all the information you’ll need to apply for campus housing. Please read through everything at your leisure and send us an email if you have any questions.