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Prospective Residents

Welcome to the Housing and Residential Life web site. The goal of this site is to provide information and insight about the benefits of living on campus. Through this site you'll find resources about a wide range of items, including:

1.   Advantages of Living of Campus.....Not the least of which is the fact that first-time CSU Stanislaus freshman who lived on-campus their first year have a four-year graduation rate which is 12% higher than students who lived off-campus their first year. 

This means you graduate faster, enter the work force or professional degree track faster and likely end up with less debt upon graduation!  THIS IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE and it starts with the simple decision to live on campus your 1st year.

2.  Our housing accommodations are excellent.  We offer suite and apartment-style housing which allows for desired private time while ensuring an opportunity for plenty of group social interaction. 

3. Don't want to cook, no worries!  Students living on campus don't have to worry about where they are going to get their next meal as all residential students have a meal plan.  With everything else a freshman student adjusts to those first few months, not having to cook is a definite bonus.

4.  Everything for one cost.   Housing charges are comprehensive and straight forward. Everything is wrapped in one figure, including...rent, meal plan, internet, cable, utilities, social programs, academic support programs and community activities.

5. We are all about you!  Our staff are here specifically for our community.  We work to provide you with an environment where you are comfortable, feel like part of our community and can be confident that the people supporting you care about your success, both inside and outside the classroom.

Living on campus is a great opportunity to go into your university experience with a solid foundation for academic success.  Not only do residents get to join a community of peers all experiencing a similar journey, you get to grow, learn and have fun in an environment which is all about you!

I encourage you to seriously consider campus housing as you consider your academic future. Campus housing at CSU Stanislaus offers great support systems and a lively residential community through which you will be academically and personally successful.


Jennifer Humphrey

Interim Director, Housing and Residential Life