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Welcome to the Housing and Residential Life web site. Through this site you will be able to access information about the residential community at CSU Stanislaus including:

  • Contract dates

  • Pricing

  • Meal plan options

  • Room types

  • Community events and activities

Whether you are a new transfer student or a continuing resident, our community offers something just for you, starting with a new Sophomore living community this Fall.

Because we recognize that the sophomore year is a critical decision-making year and a time of change we have created a community just for you!  You'll be surrounded by your peers, have Resident Advisors with specialized training and be able to take advantage of events and activities that have been created with you mind.

But don't worry we haven't forgotten about our upperclass community. You too will get a community whose goals and focus reflect your needs.  Whether this is assistance preparing a resume or exploring graduate schools you'll find something to support both your personal and academic endeavors.

Now you may be not be sure if on campus living is right for you.  You may feel you are already familiar with campus resources and while we understand this we encourage you to think about all the benefits to living on campus that you may not be considering:

  • Housing offers an all-inclusive rate, meaning you don't have to pay four or five different bills on a monthly basis and you don't need to worry as much about budgeting your funds through the term because your housing charges have likely been fully or mostly covered by your semester financial aid payout. 
  • If Housing residents who live on campus as freshman have a 12% faster 4-year time to degree than students who didn't live on campus imagine what living on campus for several years could do!!!!! 
  • Over 56% of our community have semester GPAs of 3.0 or higher, with 28% obtaining GPAs of 3.5 or higher.  We all know that upper division classes aren't quite the same as lower division, so why not set yourself up for success from the very beginning by living within a supportive learning community of your peers?
  • Our residents have access to every resource on campus, including support services exclusively for them. These include:

    • Direct access to a Career and Academic Advisor (NEW for 2012/13)

    • On-site tutoring

    • Study nights

    • Floor and community events

    • Off campus events and activities

    • Academic wellness workshops

    • Faculty-In-Residence

Living on campus is an unforgettable experience and we are committed to ensuring that our residents are able to be both personally and academically successful.  With this in mind every activity we sponsor, every decision we make and every action we take is based on four core concepts:  leadership, relationship, citizenship and scholarship.

I encourage you to look through the resources posted through this web site, reflect on the experience you might have had this year and make the decision to either stay another year or join our great community! 


Jennifer Humphrey

Director, Housing and Residential Life


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