Housing Residential Life

Q: I would like to stay with a StanState student who is studying what I'm interested in studying.  Can this be arranged?

We are unable to guarantee you will room with a student who is studying what you would like to study; however, we can guarantee you will meet many students and professors in your area of interest when you attend classes on Friday.  Introduce yourself and feel free to ask them questions. 

Q: My parent/guardian is unable to attend check-in with me. Can I bring the release form and check-in by myself?

Yes, but you will need to have your signed release and your signed parental release if you are under eighteen.  You may park your car in the housing parking lot, but are not permitted to leave campus grounds for the duration of the program.

Q: I am taking the bus or train. Is their transportation from the bus station or train depot?

A.  Yes.  We will arrange for someone from the Housing Office to transport you from the station to the campus and back again.  Please note that we will only arrange transport from the Turlock bus station and the Denair AmTrak station.

Please contact the Housing Office at (209) 667-3675 if you need to register for transport.

Q:  Am I allowed to invite friends to the campus to visit during the program?

A:  No, while we love our campus and enjoy showing off all the wonderful things CSU Stanislaus offers to students, this program is about YOU.  The events held during CFAW are for you and individuals who are not registered for CFAW or who are not housing residents are not permitted to participate or be inside the grounds of the housing complex.

Q:  Am I allowed to leave campus once I check-in? 

A:  No, not without pre-approved notice to Housing and Residential Life. By leaving campus you miss all the events and activities being held. 

Q: I have a food allergy or intolerance.  Is there food in the dining hall I can eat?

A: Absolutely! Our dining facility features many options that should meet any dietary need you have, but if you are particularly concerned, please call us and let us know about your specific need. We will be sure to accommodate you.


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