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Overnight Housing during New Student Orientation

The New Student Overnight Overnight Housing Option offers a convenient place to stay while on campus to attend orientation, as well as a fun night of entertainment and mingling.

Here’s how it works….

Who can attend

The program is open to anyone attending orientation.  This includes:

  • New CSU Stanislaus students
  • Parents or support individuals attending Parent Orientation
  • Siblings along for the ride

If I register for Overnight Housing, does this mean I'm registered for New Student Orientation?

No, the registration processes are separate.  You must register for BOTH New Student Orientation and Overnight Housing.

You can register for Orientation here.

Program dates

  • June 5-6       Freshman Orientation
  • June 6-7       Freshman Orientation
  • June 13-14    Freshman and Transfer Orientation
  • June 27-28    Freshman and Transfer Orientation
  • July 12          Transfer Orientation

How does it work

Simply submit the registration form and fee to confirm your space.

  • CSU Stanislaus students will all be housed together.  You’ll be placed with fellow students who might share the same major or come from the same region.
  • Parents and siblings will be housed within their own mini-community.  You can opt to have an exclusive apartment or you can decide you want to true resident experience and share an apartment.  Don’t worry, even while sharing you still get your own bedroom…you’ll just share your bathroom, kitchen and living room for the night! 

What’s Involved:  Lots of fun! 

You’ll check in the night before Orientation and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events and activities offered just for you. 

Evening Activities 



Check-In at the Housing Office

Our office is open until 10p.m. so you can arrive anytime after 3p.m.


Dinner at the resident dining hall “The Village Café”


Parent Reception


Ice cream social at the Village Community Pool


Outdoor movie on the great lawn, poolside fun or recreation room madness

Orientation Day 



Orientation Check-In for CSU Students and Parent Orientation


Orientation activities


Housing Check-Out

Note:  You can opt-in for a 2nd night at housing if you have a long drive and want to get started first thing in the morning.

How Much Does it Cost?

Single Participant            

$50.00 per person.  Includes housing with linens, dinner for 1, t-shirt & entertainment

1 student or 1 guest assigned to a single bedroom within a 4-bedroom apartment.  Individual will share the apartment with up to 3 other Orientation attendees of the same gender.

Paired Housing Plan       

$100.00 flat fee.  Includes housing with linens, dinner for 2, t-shirts & entertainment

1 student and 1 parental guest assigned to two bedrooms within a 4-bedroom apartment.  Student and guest will share the apartment with another student and guest of the same gender.


Family Housing Plan       

$150.00 flat fee.  Includes housing with linens, dinner for 4, t-shirts and entertainment

Exclusive use of a 4-bedroom apartment.  Can accommodate up to 4 people.

How Do I Register?

Simply complete a registration form and submit a Liability Release for each person attending with your group.  Checks can be mailed directly to the Housing Office.

Registration Form

Liability Release Form

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