Office of Institutional Research


Kelli Payne,
Administrative Analyst /Specialist

Ms. Kelli Payne has served as Administrative Analyst/Specialist for IR at CSU Stanislaus since 2007. In addition to her primary duties that include a full range of administrative in support of IR functions such as budgeting, accounting, and purchasing, her other duties include coordinating and organizing efforts and activities involved in the research, review, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of a variety of data and information used in assessing institutional effectiveness; assisting with strategic planning, accreditation, grant support, decision-making, program reviews, the assessment of student learning outcomes, and determining implications of university practices, policies, measures and procedures as well as campus-wide client relations for IR.

Other responsibilities include the use of a variety of software (e.g., IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys) to analyze statistical, demographic, and other educational data in order to draw conclusions, develop proposals, and test research hypotheses. Ms. Payne also supports and creates presentations, institutional reports and other documents used for all aspects of strategic planning and program review that are associated with statistical reports for a variety of nontechnical and technical audiences; prepares complex reports for broad dissemination using a variety of desk-top publishing applications (e.g., MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Excel); synthesizes data into various report formats, including summaries of statistical studies, narrative reports including tables, graphs, and charts. Ms. Payne is also responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the IR website that supports a variety of key institutional research and planning activities and serves the needs of diverse audiences.

As the other half of the IR Survey Research and Assessment Team, Ms. Payne is also jointly responsible for management and on-campus support of the university-wide contract for Qualtrics Survey Research Suite including training and consultation with various members of the university community in the selection, design, and validation of survey tools and other qualitative research instruments and methodologies.

Ms. Payne’s research and development passion began as an undergraduate student working as an Interviewer and Data Collection staff for the Public Research Institute at San Francisco State University where she was responsible for assisting in social science policy research and data collection to service SF State University as well as the Bay Area and California governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, community groups, and businesses. She continued with her enthusiasm for research by working as a Staff Research Associate in Neuropsychology in the Department of Psychology at SF State where she aided in several clinical trials and administered various human psychophysiological measures of workers and residents who may have incurred occupations toxic exposures; as a Market Researcher and Data Analyst for Better World Advertising, a social marketing firm in San Francisco, CA where she assisted with needs assessment, formative research, and impact monitoring and evaluation; and as a Staff Research Associate for the University of California, San Francisco where she was responsible for gathering, monitoring, and analyzing critical data for clinical research studies in areas such as psychopharmacology, as well as human physiology and behavior. Prior to working at CSU Stanislaus, Ms. Payne also served as an Administrative Assistant of Communications and Missions Advancement for a local non-profit organization where she was key leadership of mission advancement, fund-raising events, and plans for growth.

Ms. Payne earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at San Francisco State University. She then went on to complete master’s coursework in Human Cognitive Psychophysiology and worked as a graduate researcher in the SF State Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab.

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