The student's course grade will reflect the accumulation of points from a group project and a number of examinations:


Exam 1: 250 points

Exam 2: 300 points

LAB Attendance/Exercises

150 points

Group Project

300 points

No make-up examinations will be given: try to schedule other life events around them. No "out-of-town", "car-broke-down", "got-an-interview", "we're-swamped-at-work" excuses will suffice. Serious illness accompanied by documentation of said will be followed by rescheduling of the exam at some time mutually agreed upon by student and instructor; rescheduled exam will be of different content and will likely follow a different format than the regularly-scheduled exam.

No assignments will be accepted after the given due date. The assignments for the project are sequential in nature: missing the due date for one will upset the remainder of the schedule.

Plus-Minus grades will be given in this course.

The assignment of course grades will reflect the student's relative standing among his/her classmates across all exams and assignments taken as a whole. Approximate grade ranges for individual assignments and exams will be explained as they are returned. Accumulated point range guarantees are in effect:

A: 920 points and greater A- : 890 to 919
B+ : 850 to 889 B : 820 to 849
B- : 790 to 819 C+ : 750 to 789
C : 720 to 749 C- : 690 to 719
D+ : 650 to 689 D : 620 to 649
D- : 590 to 619 F : 589 and lower

These ranges are guaranteed to the high side: they will in all likelihood be some relaxing of the ranges downward given difficulty of individual project elements and exams, but they are guaranteed not to be adjusted higher than these given ranges.