Marketing Research Essentials, with SPSS, 7th Edition

by Carl McDaniel, Jr., Roger Gates

ISBN 978-0-470-62763-1

December 2009, ©2011

Paperback, 528 pages


or an e-book version (for about $50 less)

Marketing Research Essentials, Desktop Edition, 7th Edition

by Carl McDaniel, Jr., Roger Gates

ISBN 978-0-470-57169-9

June 2010, ©2011


also visit the student resources section of the textbook's website http://bcs.wiley.com/he-bcs/Books?action=index&itemId=0470169702&bcsId=5367

Readings on Reserve

A set of readings which elaborate topics covered in the early part of the semester, and which will be referenced in lecture, will be made available on reserve in the Vasche Library.

The student will be required to have read the following articles:

P1. "Kenna's Dilemma," from Blink by Gladwell.

P2. "Evaluating Secondary Sources" by Stewart and Kamins

P3. "Securing Biographical Experience" by Denzin

P4. "Interviewing an Informant" by Spradley

P5. "Focus Groups in Marketing Research" by Caterall and Maclaren

P6. "Designing Questions to be Good Measures" by Fowler

Other readings of interest to the student may be placed on reserve during the term. Three books have also been left on reserve for those who wish greater detail on some of the subjects covered during the term:

1. Handbook of Marketing Scales by Bearden and Netemayer,

2. Survey Research Methods by Floyd J. Fowler.


Project and lab work will also require

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