MKT 4430

Sales/WWW Presentation Critique Form


Salesperson's Name: _____________________________________

This critique form will be used by each class member confidentially to comment on each sales presentation.  The spirit of this feedback is to uplift the speaker and maybe give some gentle suggestions.Please rate the seller on a scale of 1 = needs major improvement, up to 5 = outstanding. 



Salesperson made a favorable first impression


Salesperson gained prospectís attention


Built rapport appropriately


Discovered/reiterated prospectís needs at beginning


Smooth transition into the presentation


Gained agreement to continue the presentation


Gave a business card at appropriate time during presentation


Professional appearance and demeanor; dressed as for a job interview



Product/company knowledge


Used benefits-needs instead of just features (e.g., what this means to you)


Absence of verbal pauses (e.g., "ah," "uhms," "okay")


Good eye contact and appropriate use of gestures


Got customer to participate in a meaningful manner (e.g., reading, touching, trying, word pictures)


Used appropriate/professional visual aids; buyer could see the visuals easily


Did not interrupt the buyer


Salesperson talked slowly


Good choice of words (e.g., absence of "and stuff like that," "no problem!")



Displayed positive attitude and confidence


Recognized objective


Asked questions appropriately


Responses were appropriate and helpful to the buyer



Checked agreement after major points (e.g., How does that sound to you?)


Recognized buying signals


Used trial closes effectively after responding to objections (e.g., Did that answer your question? Any other questions?)


Used appropriate closing methods (summary, balance sheet, etc.)


Effective post-closing communication; fills out the order as appropriate; completes the sales interaction fully; departs from the sales interaction professionally



Effective use of probing throughout the presentation


Salesperson demonstrated professionalism (courteous, respectful, well dressed)


Salesperson demonstrated enthusiasm, poise, and confidence


Salesperson understood facts of the role play


Salesperson well prepared


Effective listening


Enters and exits well including materials


"Criticism, as it was first instituted by Aristotle, was meant as a standard of judging well."- Johnson


Overall quality of sales presentation:  Out of 100 points, I would give him/her ________ points.


If you were this sellerís mentor, list the top 3 things that worked and should be continued.List the bottom 3 things that could be improved or should be discontinued? 

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