MKT 5410

"I studied the lives of great men and famous women; and I found that the men and women who got to the top were those who did the jobs they had in hand, with everything they had of energy, enthusiasm, and hard work." - Harry S. Truman

Final Exam 100 points

The final exam is take home, individual effort, write-up of interview with one management-level marketer, format and content of your choosing, no length specified, and due the end of the semester. The completion of this assignment will meet learning objectives C1(b), C3(b), C3(c), M1, M3, and M4.

Critique of One Marketing Article 25 points

This assignment includes the following:  approximately 2-3 page critique, article of your choice, must be from a journal, see Sample List of Journals, classics on reserve - whether or not you use these is your choice, and due the end of the semester. The completion of this assignment will meet learning objectives C1(b), C4(a), M1, and M3.

One Case Presentation with Outline and PowerPoint Slides 100 points


Here are some of the basics:  teams of up to 4 individuals per case, reserve your case on the sign-up sheet, and do not pick a company that you have used in another class.  The case presentation is to be accompanied with a detailed typed outline due the beginning of class on the day the oral presentation is given, approximately 10 pages of typed outline.  Please see your textbook and the attached Case Analysis Format and Oral Presentation Guidelines handout for a sense of the case content material and format.  At least 1/4 to 1/3 of your outline (2-4 pages) should be devoted to the solution and implementation.  Your outline should be accompanied with a title page, table of contents, list of references, and an appendix that at a minimum includes copies of the PowerPoint slides.  Hand in two copies of the entire outline including PowerPoint slides to Dr. Williams before you begin your oral presentation -- one will be returned with notes and Dr. Williams will keep the other.  The outline and presentation should be professional quality, i.e., dress like a job interview, set your stage, practice, and "package" yourself and your ideas well.  About 45-60 minutes of class time will be allotted for each case.  You may not have time to cover everything that you include in Dr. Williams' outline, i.e., the oral presentation may be an abbreviated version of the outline for Dr. Williams.  The grades for teamwork will be adjusted by a confidential peer evaluation from each team member.  Hand in peer evaluations by the next class as the grade will not be returned until the peer evaluations are received.  Please see the attached Confidential Peer Evaluation Form.  Each case will be critiqued by the class and the professor.  Please see the attached Presentation Comment Format Sheet.  Examples from previous classes will be available for you to see.  The successful completion of this assignment will meet learning objectives C1(a), C1(c), C1(e), C3(b), C5(b), M2, M4, and M5.

Individual or Team Marketing Plan 300 points total consisting of:

Complete the attached peer evaluation form for teamwork. See the attached information regarding the Marketing Plan Project. The successful completion of this assignment will meet learning objectives C1(a), C1(b), C1(c), C1(e), C3(b), C3(c), C5(a), C5(b), M2, M4, and M5.

Choose Either A or B Below: 50 points

  1. Roundtable Regarding Marketing Management 50 points

Each student choosing this option will read one popular paperback book in marketing management. A list of potential paperbacks is attached. Sign-up to reserve your book and date with Dr. Williams. Prepare a 3-5 page outline with discussion notes of the book to be used as a basis for a class presentation and discussion of the book. The outline with discussion notes may include an outline of the book, what you agree or disagree with in the book, class exercises, discussion questions, how the content relates to class material or the textbook, interesting points or examples, special quotes or stories, why you do or do not recommend the book, PowerPoint slides, etc. On the day of the discussion, you are asked to hand two copies of the outline with discussion notes to Dr. Williams. Class time allocated for each roundtable is approximately 15-20 minutes. This will not be critiqued by the class. The successful completion of this assignment will meet learning objectives C1(a), C4(a), C4(b), and M1.

  1. Value Discussion and Outline 50 points

Each student choosing this option will pick a value, trait, characteristic, or quality that is necessary to become a successful marketer or business person. Have it approved and scheduled with Dr. Williams. Then, research this quality, e.g., books and articles about it, what individuals have said about it in speeches, interviews with people you admire or who have exhibited this value, biographical or autobiographical material regarding the quality, what the poets or philosophers have said about it, PowerPoint slides, etc. Be very creative and thoughtful here. In the class discussion, present your information as well as plan some exercises that can be used to get the class involved. Some additional details include:  approximately 3-5 pages, individual effort, approximately 15-20 minutes of class time allotted to each value discussion, and not critiqued by the class. Please give two copies of the outline to Dr. Williams. The successful completion of this assignment will meet learning objectives C1(a), C4(a), C4(b), C5(a), C5(b), M2.

Volunteer Nonprofit Activity & Journal (optional) up to 15 points extra credit

The volunteer nonprofit activity must be done during this semester only. You must write a journal of your time, activity, assessment of learning, and contemplation of the overall experience of working with a nonprofit organization. The journal is due the end of the semester. The successful completion of this assignment will meet learning objectives C4(a), C4(b), and M1.

"It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them - character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas." - Dostoevsky

Class Attendance and Participation 25 points

Class attendance will contribute to meeting each of the learning objectives.

Overall Grading Total of 600 points

540-600 points = A
480-539 points = B
420-479 points = C
360-419 points = D

Late Assignments

Grades on late assignments will be reduced one-half letter grade for each week that the assignment is late.

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