MKT 5410


Each team member will rate him/herself and the other team members on the following criteria. The percentages should average to 100%, e.g., if all members participate equally, each gets 100%, if one contributes more, then the ratings might be [110%, 100%, 90%, & 100%] or [150%, 125%, 100%, & 25%]. These evaluations are to be handed directly to Dr. Williams in order to maintain confidentiality. Evaluations for each team member must be received by Dr. Williams before the graded case can be returned.


Please list each Team Member (Including Yourself):





1. Contribution of useful ideas        
2. Creativity and originality        
3. Attitude and cooperation        
4. Initiative        
5. Reliability, dependability        
6. Contribution of effort        
7. Attended group meetings regularly        
8. Provision of direction/focus        
9. Contribution of useful information        
10. Provision of constructive criticism        
11. Supported other team members        
12. Contribution to the content of the written paper        
13. Contribution to typing, editing, and final preparation of written paper        
14. Contribution to oral presentation        
15. Overall contribution to entire project        
16. Recommended grade        
17. Grade assignment based on overall case performance should be:        
Total contribution of each person (percentages should average to 100%)        

What worked and what didn't work?
What did you learn from working with this group?

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