“Big Baba” Black Buddha


Phra Ajahn Withoon Putamee

( Arjarasupoh )


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Full Biography  

Biography - Final Words and Blessing


Phra Ajahn Withoon Putamee

( Arjarasupoh )

(January 2014)


Final Words and Blessing


Note:  A very, very special thank you to all of the individuals who contributed so lovingly to the YouTube videos, webpages, and pictures contained in this Biography.  Your generosity of Spirit for the use of these videos and materials is so appreciated.  You make us and so many people around the world happy with these gifts.

Big Baba (Phra Ajahn Withoon Putamee Arjarasupoh) also would like to acknowledge and send blessings to his many special friends around the world.  May the Buddha continue to shine goodwill and loving-kindness on each and every one of you!!!  Most of all, may each of you be happy!!


       All gratitude and my life to the BUDDHA, the Dhamma, and the Sangha!!!    


Note:  If you would like to continue to follow "Big Baba" (Phra Ajahn Withoon Putamee Arjarasupoh), his teachings, his Dhamma tours, his invitation schedule to various locations around the world, and the development of his projects in India and elsewhere, please see his Facebook page:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bigbaba-Black-Buddha/431488950205723?id=431488950205723&sk=photos_stream which will be updated periodically.  Also, search YouTube for "Phra Ajahn Withoon Putamee”.