Student Process for Finding and Registering for a Marketing Internship

(Approved by the CSUS Marketing Faculty on 2/20/04)



Following is a brief description of the process for finding and registering for a marketing internship.  You will need to work with a Marketing Professor (Chronis at 664-6697,Gnepa at 667-3448, Petrosky at 667-3019, or Williams at 667-3513) throughout this process to get the internship set up properly and completed for academic credit.


1.      Decide to do an internship

·        What is an internship?  Basically, you work for a business or organization and receive valuable training and references in return.  Some internships are paid, most are not.  Internships should be with a company new to you and include marketing projects that are new to you.  In general, an internship is not meant to give you credit for your current job.  You must do extra marketing-related tasks to earn academic credit.  For three units of academic credit, you generally will work the equivalent of 10-12 hours per week for the thirteen weeks of the semester, i.e., a 3-unit internship would require approximately 130-156 hours of working with your business or organization on marketing-related projects.

·        Here is the catalog description for a marketing internship:  MKT 4940 Marketing Internship (1-4 units).  Supervised experiential learning in a selected area of marketing.  Provides opportunity for the student concentrating in marketing to integrate classroom training with real world, firsthand experience in a business, government, or not-for-profit organization.  This experience is intended to broaden skills, create links with the business community, and enhance marketing career opportunities.  A minimum of 3 hours per week per semester unit as well as regular contact with the internship faculty advisor is required.  Prerequisites:  MKT 3410, GPA of 2.5 in major, at least one 4000-level marketing course, and approval of internship faculty advisor and Department Chair prior to registration.

·        Why do an internship?  Valuable job experience, training, gets you a reference letter, helps build your resume, makes you more knowledge about career choices, can evolve into a full-time position, puts you ahead of those who do not do an internship, can build your confidence and self esteem, etc.

·        You must be self-motivated and able to work on your own with minimal supervision.  While this initially may seem a little challenging, the actual result can be life changing and truly uplifting.  It is one of the best things you can do to build your career and resume.


2.      Find an internship

·        Check the binder entitled “Marketing Internships/Jobs and Other Resume-Building Opportunities” in the MOM Department Office (DBH 223).  These are companies that are or have been looking for interns.  

·        If none of these opportunities interest you, then go out and find an internship on your own.  You could begin by checking library resources and the Internet, e.g., Internships with America’s Top Companies, Winston-Salem, N.C.:  Career Education Institutes.  

·        Talk to your Professors to see if they can help you with this process of finding a company.  For example, a letter is being sent to the CBA Advisory Board members in order to create a list of potential companies that would like to have a CSUS marketing intern.  Please understand that this would be a tremendous opportunity and could even grow into a full-time position.  

·        Meet with the company representative to see if the internship is good for both parties and if you can agree on the terms of the internship.  If necessary, the two parties can meet in the Marketing Professor's office to finalize details.

·        There are some ideas for internships on this link:  Internship Possibilities.


3.      Create a 2-3 page mini-agreement with your chosen company that includes:

·        A description of the company

·        A description of your proposed job activities/responsibilities, i.e., what you will do for the company, number of hours per week, particular skills or training that you will need/use in the job, etc.

·        A description of what the company responsibilities will be, e.g., pay if given, expense account, equipment, training, physical space, networking, secretarial services, future job opportunities, reference letter, etc.

·        Have both parties initial that they agree to the terms of the internship

·        The purpose of this agreement is to alleviate any dissatisfaction due to miscommunication, false expectation, or misunderstanding.


4.      Finalize the paperwork for a marketing internship

·        Get the appropriate form from Admissions & Records

·        Complete the form with your faculty advisor.  Agree on what the requirements for grading will be, for example:

ü  Number of hours/weeks

ü  Paid/unpaid

ü  Grade or credit/noncredit

ü  Journal of time/activities/projects

ü  Observations and assessment of your daily contribution and learning

ü  Paper trail of all activities/projects

ü  Book review(s)

ü  An overall assessment of the marketing internship in its entirety

ü  Scheduled discussions with your professor

ü  Other assignments as required by your instructor

·        Get the necessary signatures and turn in the form to Admissions & Records

·        Doubled check that you did get properly enrolled


5.      Complete the internship – Remember to keep your time/projects/journal/assessment of learning/etc. up-to-date.


6.      Hand in your final report that includes the agreed upon journal/paper trail/book review(s)/overall learning assessment/etc. to your Marketing Professor.  Remember to consciously present or market your internship ideas and materials.


7.      Upon successful completion of your requirements, your Marketing Professor will turn in a grade for you.

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