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Mission of the College of Business Administration

The CSU Stanislaus College of Business Administration is a publicly supported, regional teaching institution.  Our mission is to deliver a professional business education that offers our students the knowledge and skills to succeed in their careers and in society.

Marketing Concentration

Marketing focuses on creating value in the exchange relationship between the firm and the markets it serves. As such, marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting customers and stakeholders to a business and in building long-term relationships with these individuals or groups. Accordingly, marketers plan, implement, and control specific strategies and tactics that will meet their customers’ ongoing needs and wants. That is, marketing matches the chosen customer or group with the right product, at the right price, at the right time and place, and with the right communications.
Fundamentally, marketers must be able to see and understand the world from their customers’ perspective. This requires specific marketing activities including the measurement and interpretation of market forces, cultivation of market opportunities, development of products and/or services to match those opportunities, marketing communications, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, sales management, direct marketing, and e-marketing. Marketing also requires conscious choice regarding social responsibility and corporate ethics.

Marketing provides exciting career opportunities for personal growth, creativity, variety, and income in the dynamic and ever-changing business environment. The “American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries” ranks the median income of marketers among the top 10 in a list of 125 professions. Professional careers in marketing are to be found in the marketing departments of industrial firms and merchandising firms.

In addition, there is demand for marketing professionals in specialized organizations such as advertising agencies, marketing research agencies, service firms, transportation and distribution companies, global companies, not-for-profit organizations, and Internet companies. As an academic and scientific field, marketing also provides the opportunity for advanced degrees such as master’s and Ph.D.


To receive your Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration, you must complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete the University General Education (GE) requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree (51 units minimum).  Please see below.  Also, consult the appropriate catalog for your complete and official statement of University requirements.
  2. Satisfy the College’s requirement for proficiency in Writing (ENG 3007 or BUS 3100).
  3. Complete the prerequisites for the business administration degree.  Please see below.
  4. Complete the core requirements for the business administration degree.  Please see below.
  5. Complete the marketing concentration.  The area of concentration provides the opportunity for specialized study in a selected area of interest.  Please see below. 
  6. All courses in the marketing concentration including the business administration prerequisites and core must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better.  
  7. At least 50% of the upper-division business administration units required for the degree should be earned at CSU Stanislaus.  This requirement exceeds the University-wide requirement described elsewhere in this catalog.
  8. Students planning to receive a degree in business administration should emphasize general education during the first two years, thus laying a foundation upon which the program can be built.  In addition, the specified prerequisites to the degree should be completed.
  9. 3000- and 4000- level business courses may not be taken until the student has achieved junior level standing.
  10. Most courses within the College of Business Administration have specific subject matter prerequisites that must be completed to qualify for enrollment.  Lacking such prerequisites, students who can offer convincing evidence of having acquired the necessary background by other means may petition the professor in charge of the course for permission to enroll.  At the discretion of the College, a qualifying examination may be required.

Marketing Concentration (16 units)

  1. Complete the following required courses (12 units):

MKT 4400 Consumer Behavior, 4 units
MKT 4420/4422 Marketing Research, 4 units (MATH 1610 is a prerequisite; MKT 4422 is a corequisite lab)
MKT 4490 Strategic Marketing Management, 4 units

  1. Complete one of the following Marketing electives as approved by the major adviser (4 units):
MKT 4410/4412 Advertising and Promotion Management, 4 units  (Corequisite lab: MKT 4412)
MKT 4430 Selling and Sales Management, 4 units
MKT 4450 Channel Institutions and Retail Management, 4 units
MKT 4470/4472 Global Marketing, 4 units  (MGT 3400 is a prerequisite; Corequisite lab: MKT 4472)
MKT 4480 Product and Price Management, 4 units
MKT 4950 Special Topics in Marketing, 4 units

Note:  All courses in the marketing concentration including the business administration prerequisites and core must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better.  Information regarding Marketing Internships is available at this link. 

Prerequisites for the Business Administration Degree

Most courses within the College of Business Administration have specific subject matter prerequisites for enrollment.  Students must complete all specified prerequisites (or their equivalents) in order to qualify for enrollment in these courses.  Students who have not successfully completed the specified prerequisites for a course, but who can offer convincing evidence of having acquired the necessary background by other means, may petition the professor in charge of the course for permission to enroll.  At the discretion of the College, a qualifying examination may be required.

Complete the following prerequisites (21 units) with a letter grade of C- or better in each course.

ACC 2110 Financial Accounting, 3 units
ACC 2130 Managerial Accounting, 3 units
BLW 2060 Law, Environment, and Ethics, 3 units
ECON 2500 Principles of Macroeconomics, 3 units

ECON 2510 Principles of Microeconomics, 3 units
BUS 3100 Business & Technical Writing Communication (WP), 3 units (This is an English Proficiency Requirement - you must first take the writing proficiency exam or WPST from the English Department) 
MATH 1500 Finite Mathematics, 3 units
MATH 1610 Statistics for Decision Making, 3 units 

Core Requirements for the Business Administration Degree

The business administration core provides coverage in each of the functional areas needed to manage a successful business.  Students must complete 24 units of course work in the business administration core with a letter grade of C– or better in each course.  Please check your catalog for the specific prerequisites for each of these core courses.

CIS 3700 Information Technology for Management, 3 units
FIN 3220 Business Finance, 3 units
MGT 3310 Management Theory and Practice, 3 units
MGT 3400 Seminar in International Business, 3 units
MKT 3410 Basic Marketing, 3 units**
OM 3010 Operations Management, 3 units
OM 3020 Management Science, 3 units
MGT 4900 Business Policy, 3 units* 

*This is a capstone course.  Consequently, you must complete the prerequisites and take BUS 3100, MGT 3310, MGT 3400, FIN 3220, and MKT 3410 before you can take this course.  You also will need to complete OM 3010, OM 3020, and CIS 3700 before taking this course or be enrolled in them while taking the course.

**Try to take this course early (but with Junior standing) as it is a prerequisite for the other marketing courses.  Before you can take MKT 3410, you must complete ACC 2110 and ECON 2510.  You also will need to complete ACC 2130 before taking this course or be enrolled in it while taking the course.

University General Education (GE) Requirements 2007-2008 Catalog

A.  Communication Skills:  Minimum 9 units (One from each of the 3 groups

Group 1:  Oral Communication Requirement
COMM 2000, or COMM 2005, or COMM 2110

Group 2
:  Written Communication Requirement (All require an EPT score of 149 or above prior to enrollment)
ENGL 1001, or ENG 1002, or ENG 1005

Group 3:  One Course Selected from the Following:
COMM 2300, or ENGL 2000, or PHIL 2000, or PHIL 2005, or PHIL 2100

B.  Natural Sciences & Mathematics:  Minimum 9 units (Complete at least one course from each of the 3 groups listed below; this must include a laboratory course from either group 1 or 2

Group 1:  Physical Sciences and Lab
ASTR 2100 & 2112 (lab) CHEM 1000 & 1002 (lab) CHEM 1100 (I) w/ lab CHEM 1110 (II) w/ lab
CHEM 2090 w/ lab CHEM 2400 CHEM 2500 w/ lab CHEM 2600 w/ lab
GEOL 2000 GEOL 2100 & 2102 (lab) GEOL 2200 w/ lab GEOL 2400
GEOL 2500 PHSC 1300  PHSC 2100 PHYS 1500 & 1502 (lab)
PHYS 2100 w/ lab PHYS 2110 w/ lab PHYS 2250 & 2252 (lab)

Group 2
:  Biological Sciences and Lab
BIOL 1010 & 1020 (lab) BIOL 2310 BIOL 2650
BIOL 1050 w/ lab ZOOL 1050 w/ lab  

Group 3
:  Mathematics (Each course requires an ELM score of 50 or above prior to enrollment
MATH 1000 MATH 1030 MATH 1070 MATH 1080
MATH 1100 MATH 1410 MATH 1500 MATH 1600 (For Business Majors)
MATH 1610 MATH 1910    

C.  Humanities:  Minimum 9 units (To include at least 3 units from group 1 and at least 3 units from group 2, group 3 is optional)

Group 1:  Arts
ART 1000 ART 1030 ART 1035 ART 1040
ART 1100 ART 1200 ART 1340 ART 1350
ART 2515 ART 2520     ART 2522 ART 2525
ART 2527 ART 2530 FA 1000 FA 1010
FA 1020 FA 1030 MUS 1000 MUS 1190
MUS 2000 MUS 2400 MUS 2410 MUS 2430
MUS 2440      MUS 2460 THEA 1010 THEA 1110
THEA 1500 THEA 1510 THEA 2300  

Group 2:  Literature/Philosophy
ENGL 1010   ENG 2010 HUM 2000 PHIL 1010
PHIL 2200 PHIL 2230 PHIL 2300 PHIL 2400
PHIL 2500 PHIL 2700    

Group 3:  Foreign Language
Any lower division language or literature course taught in a foreign language
ESL 1000 Beginning English and Grammar for ESL Students
ESL 1005 Intermediate English and Grammar for ESL Students
ESL 2000 English Grammar and Composition for Foreign Students

D.  Social, Economic, and Political Institutions and Human Behavior:  Minimum 12 units (Minimum of one course from each group)

Group 1:  United States History (These courses are not applicable to the upper-division General Education requirements)
HIST 2600 HIST 3610 HIST 3620 HIST 3630
HIST 3640      

Group 2:  U.S. Constitution/California State and Local Government
PSCI 1201

Group 3:  Human Institutions:  Structures & Process
BUS 1500 COMM 2011 COMM 2200 ECON 2500 ECON 2510
HIST 1010 HIST 1020 PSCI 2000 PSCI 2030 SOCL 1010

Group 4:  Society & Culture
ANTH 2060 ANTH 2080 ANTH 2090 COGS 2100
CJ 2250 ETHS 2000 ETHS 2100 ETHS 2200
GEND 2020 GEOG 2010 GEOG 2020 GEOG 2400 
GEOG 2410 NURS 1040 PSYC 2010  

E.  Individual Resources for Modern Living:  Minimum 3 units (Minimum of one course from each group)

Group 1:  Development/Adjustment
BUS 1040  CIS 2000 CS 2000* GEND 2500
HLTH 1000  HONS 3500 MDIS 1040 NURS 2040
NURS 2042 PSYC 1000 PSYC 2030 SOCL 2000
*Students may not use both CS 2000 and CS 4000 for GE requirements.

Group 2:  Physical Education Activities (Minimum of one unit; students 25 or older at entry to CSU Stanislaus will not be held to this requirement)

PHED 1010-1999

F.  Upper-Division General Education (GE) Requirements:  Minimum 9 units (One course from each of the 3 groups; Junior standing required - these courses may be taken  no earlier than the term in which upper-division status (completion of 60 semester units) is attained; students will not be given upper-division General Education credit for course work in the discipline(s) of their major or concentration, i.e., there is no cross-counting with upper-division GE

Group 1:  Natural Science & Mathematics
BIOL 3000 BIOL 3020      BIOL 4050 BIOL 4350 
CHEM 3070 CHEM 3100 CS 4000 HONS 3100 
MATH 3030 MATH 3350 NSCI 3000 ASTR 3000
GEOL 3050 GEOL 3500  GEOL 3600 GEOL 4810
PHSC 3500 PHYS 3080 PHYS 3520  

Group 2:  Humanities
ART 4545 ART 4555 ENGL 3011 ENGL 3920
ENGL 3940   ENG 3945 HUM 3000 FREN 3930
PORT 3930 SPAN 3930 SPAN 3970 GEND 4150 
ETHS 4150  HONS 3000  MUS 3400 MUS 3410
PHIL 3010      PHIL 3050  PHIL 4000  PHIL 4401
PHIL 4430 PHIL 4440 PHIL 4450 THEA 3020
THEA 3170 THEA 4550    

Group 3:  Social, Economic, and Political Institutions and Human Behavior
AGST 3000  ANTH 3000 ANTH 3010     ANTH 3070  
ANTH 3080 ANTH 3090 ANTH 3105 ANTH 3106
ACC 3005 (Not for Business Majors) BUS 3000 (Not for Business Majors) CIS 3780 (Not for Business Majors) CIS 4000 (Not for Business Majors)
FIN 3210 (Not for Business Majors) COGS 3100 COGS 4100 COMM 3100
COMM 3550 COMM 4220  JOUR 3030  JOUR 3040
ECON 3100 ECON 4500 ETHS 4200 GEND 3550 
GEND 4100 GEND 4530 GEOG 3020 GEOG 3340
HLTH 3500  HLTH 4300 NURS 3040 HIST 3090
HIST 3400  HONS 3050 PSCI 3055 PSCI 3225
PSCI 4050  PSCI 4318  CDEV 3040 PSYC 3340 
CDEV 3340 PSYC 4250 SOCL 3150  SOCL 3820
SOCL 4520      

G.  Multicultural Requirement:  Minimum 3 units  

ANTH 2060 ANTH 3000    ANTH 3070 ANTH 3080
ANTH 3090 ANTH 3105 ANTH 3106 ANTH 3900
ANTH 4165 ANTH 4211 ART 2525 ART 2527
CDEV 3040 COGS 4350  COMM 3550  COMM 4160
CJ 3315 ENGL 3940  ENGL 3945 ENGL 4530
ETHS 4150  ETHS 4200 ETHS 4350 GEND 3320
GEND 3444  GEND 3700 GEND 3900 GEND 4100
GEND 4150  GEND 4350 GEND 4530 GEND 4600 
GEOG 2020 GEOG 3010  GEOG 3330  GEOG 3580
GEOG 4050  HLTH 4300 HIST 1010 HIST 1020
HIST 3090 HIST 3400 HONS 3050  MDIS 3400
MUS 2000  PHIL 4450  PSCI 2030 PSCI 3444 
PSCI 3700 PSCI 3810 SOCL 3250 SOCL 3820
SOCL 4010 THEA 4550       


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