Team Wile E. Coyote


Welcome to the Team Wile E. Coyote webpage!
We are a group of people whose common goal is to find the next Mersenne prime. These are a special class of prime numbers of the form

where p is also a prime number.
Team members install a program on their PCs called Prime95 which runs in the background, testing prime exponents. Prime95 is set to run at the lowest priority, so it will not interfere with your other programs.
Your computer does not have to be on all the time. Some of our members' machines are on only a few hours each day. But Prime95 saves its work periodically, and it picks up where it left off the next time you turn your computer back on.
Naturally our team consists mainly of members from the CSU Stanislaus community: students, faculty in the math and physics departments, and their families. Thanks to Dr. Ian Littlewood, Phil Rojas and Jerry Wilkinson, computers from the Science building labs have also been recruited for the search.
A large number of team machines have been recruited by Dr. Roger Miller, formerly of the CSU Stanislaus physics department, who is now teaching at SUNY Potsdam in upstate New York.
But there are members outside the CSU Stanislaus community. Team Wile E. Coyote has members from Long Beach State, U.C. Davis, and the University of Minnesota.
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