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While Blackboard remains CSU Stanislaus's officially supported Learning Management System (LMS), the LMS market is wide and deep. Within the CSU system, Moodle has gained considerable traction as an alternative to Blackboard. Indeed Moodle use nearly equals Blackboard use among the 23 CSU campuses.

Moodle competes with Blackboard in two fundamental ways: 1. Unlike Blackboard, Moodle does not require a licensing fee; out of the box, it is freely available to install and use. 2. Moodle's code "guts" are easily available to be customized and tweaked to meet local needs. In Blackboard, the code is proprietary and thoroughly walled off from being tinkered with. Moodle, on the other hand, can be modified with little difficulty.

Like free puppies, however, Moodle requires care and feeding, and a paid infrastructure of some sort must be in place in order to maintain the system. Thus, campuses that have switched to Moodle from Blackboard have had to address the need for support staff and equipment even though they have stopped paying a Blackboard license fee.

Moodle at CSU Stanislaus

In 2010 OIT began offering a Moodle installation as a pilot project for interested instructors to use on a trial basis.

Contact and Support

For all questions about using Moodle, please contact Glenn Pillsbury by phone (209-664-6511) or email.

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