Student Recreation Complex



Innovative construction materials or methods

A unique roof deck material is provided that acts as the structural support for the roof, functions as an acoustically absorptive ceiling layer, and enables the efficient employment of insulation to reduce energy consumption by this large volumed facility. Additionally, skylights are provided throughout the facility to allow daylight to illuminate the spaces to the maximum degree practicable, reducing energy usage by artificial lighting. Tall ceilinged spaces, with fans recirculating air within each space, allow for the thermal comfort of the building occupants while maintaining higher ambient temperatures in the building, reducing the need for artificial cooling of spaces.

Sustainable Green Features

As noted above. Roof overhangs are designed to block the intense summer sun and will let in the cooler winter sun. Recycled floor and ceiling tiles and low VOC emitting paint are used. Mechanical, electrical, systems and building envelope are designed to exceed Title 24 energy requirements by 15%.

Use of technology

Technology serves the building and the operational budget by providing energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling, systems that reduce utility bills and energy consumption. Connectivity to campus networks is provided in spaces where staff needs such access to perform their required professional responsibilities.

Updated: 08/20/2013
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