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FAQs About Alumni Membership

What is the new membership program?

The non-dues membership plan was developed in response to the perception that the Alumni Association existed for "paying members only." This was inconsistent with the University and the newly formed Office of Alumni Relations goals of engaging all alumni from the time they first set foot on campus throughout their alumni years. The new membership model allows the CSU Stanislaus Office of Alumni Relations and the campus to significantly expand alumni engagement by including all alumni who are interested in supporting the University. The new membership model will start on January 1, 2009.

What did my dues pay for before the new membership model and who is funding this new program?

We are able to offer this new model because the University committed additional financial resources to help support our alumni program. In addition, we actively seek the support of corporate partners to join us in our alumni programming.

Who is a member of the CSU Stanislaus Office of Alumni Relations under this new model?

All current graduates shall receive all rights and benefits as CSU Stanislaus alumni.

What benefits will a member receive under the new model?

Bookstore discount, alumni e-newsletter, discounted extended education classes, library access, discounts on renting university space, student recreation center access and several affinity programs. For complete list, please see Alumni Benefits.

Will I have a membership card?

Yes. All members who fill out the online update form, will receive an official Office of Alumni Relations card. This card will allow members to utilize the discounted services through the Library and on campus bookstore, among other benefits and services.

How will the CSU Stanislaus Office of Alumni Relations register new members and track membership?

All alumni will register through the Office of Alumni Relations website by updating their contact information and requesting the option to receive an alumni card. Through this process, an official card will be issued that allows access to benefits and services. Occasionally, members will receive an "address correction requested" mailing to assist in maintaining the accuracy of the alumni database.

Updated: 12/20/2013
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