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Dr. Elmano Costa, Interim Chair

Teacher Education Department

California State University Stanislaus has Commission on Teacher Credentialing approval to offer the California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) coursework leading to the Cross Cultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate. Currently credentialed teachers may earn a CLAD Certificate through the following courses:


EDML 5000 Multilingual Education in the Content Area (3 units)
EDML 5001 Multilingual Education Evaluation (3 units)
EDML 5200 Advanced Theories in Teaching the Culturally Diverse Student (3 units)
EDML 5400 Theory of Multilingual Education (3 units)


NOTE: Enrollment in these courses requires formal admission to the University; students must also satisfactorily meet the professional, personal, scholastic, and other standards for graduate study as prescribed by the university.

The above courses also meet requirements towards the M.A. in Multilingual Education. Please follow this link, Masters Program: Multilingual Education, where you can obtain more information about this emphasis. You can also download the advising form, Degree Plan: Multilingual Emphasis.

CLAD Certificate Course Equivalency Request

Students who wish to request CLAD course equivalency for courses that they have taken at another university should download this form and follow the indicated directions.

Download: CLAD Certificate Course Equivalency Request Form.pdf


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