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{Multilingual Education}

The Department of Teacher Education offers a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a Multilingual emphasis as well as the Cultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD/CTEL) certificate which may be completed independently of or in conjunction with the M.A. degree.

For information about the CLAD/CTEL Certificate Program contact:
Dr. Juan Flores
Phone: (209) 667-3292

One year or six units of a college-level foreign language coursework or the equivalent.

Required Courses

(33-35 units)
Concentration: Multilingual Education Theory & Practice (12 units)
EDML 5000 Multilingual Education in the Content Area (3)
EDML 5001 Multilingual Education Evaluation (3)
EDML 5400 Theory of Multilingual Education (3)
EDML 5200 Advanced Theories in Teaching Diverse Students (3)
EDUC 5860 Multicultural and Global Education: Curriculum and Instruction (3)

(Concentration courses are also the CLAD/CTEL certification requirement)

Graduate Core (9 units required)

EDGS 5500 Foundations in Education (3)
EDGS 5510* Introduction to Educational Research (3)
EDGS 5600* Qualitative Research in Education (3)
EDGS 5610* Quantitative Research in Education (3)

*EDGS classes can only be taken by classified students.
Prerequisites: EDGS 5510 for EDGS 5600 and EDGS 5610

Electives (6 units)

4000 or 5000 level Education courses selected in consultation with program advisor.

Project or Thesis Seminar (6-8 units required)

EDUC 5770* Seminar in Elem. and Sec. Education (2)
EDUC 5960* Project (2-3)
EDUC 5990* Thesis (2-3)

*Classified Status required for these courses.

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