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First of all, you should definitely attend the first semester TPA Orientation. You can wait to register for Task Stream the semester before student teaching. You can submit Task 1 after completing all your methods courses, the semester before student teaching. OR- you can submit Task 1 after taking math and reading methods courses. (If you know you will be taking a leave of absence, consider following the part-time schedule. If you take an unexpected leave of absence, and have already registered for Task Stream, your one-year license may run out. This will require you to renew at your own cost.)


Yes. Make sure you adapt the lesson to meet the needs of your class.


Guidelines and questions that help you clarify your thinking. You many not submit any work that was modified by the instructor or for which you were given specific feedback.


No. MSCP students should select different content areas for Tasks 2-4. SSCP students who teach different sections of the same subject should use different topics for Tasks 2-4.




Task 3


Early to Intermediate (CELDT 1-3)


Choose two SN students instead of an EL. For Task 3 make sure that at least one of these SN students are identified SN.


Task 3 and Task 4


Task 3: Five

Task 4: One for everyone appearing in the video or for whom assessment data is used


No. All students should use the university permission slip for TPA work. It will cover the collection of student work and the video.

Your Supervisor or Cooperating Teacher


You may have a problem viewing your video because you need a different video player. You can download the VLC Player, which will play most files. Follow the directions on the Task 3 and 4 Support link.

Of course! But scoring only happens in during the regularly scheduled scoring period; however, exceptions may be made for certain emergency situations.

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