Reaccreditation Self Study


Inquiry Circle 1

Student Learning & Engagement

How Effectively Does the University Engage a Highly Diverse Student Population in Learning?

CPR to EER Transition

Inquiry Circle 1: CPR to EER Transition

EER Requested Data and Resources

Inquiry Circle 1: EER Workplan with Core Indicators.pdf

+|– Meeting Notes/Agendas:

EER Phase

09/24/08.pdf 10/22/08.pdf
11/19/08.pdf 12/03/08.pdf
01/14/09.pdf 03/18/09.pdf
09/03/09.pdf 11/17/09.pdf

CPR Phase

11/15/06.pdf 12/13/06.pdf
01/17/07.pdf 02/14/07.pdf
04/25/07.pdf 09/26/07.pdf

CPR Requested Evidentiary Data & Resources

Inquiry Circle 1: Researchable Questions & Evidentiary Data

Inquiry Circle 1: Bibliography and Resources.pdf

CPR Suggestions for Consideration

Inquiry Circle 1: Suggestions for Consideration.pdf

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