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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are the application and subsequent materials due?

We are currently hiring for the 2010-2011 academic school year. Applications and all subsequent materials must be submitted on or before March 31, 2010.


2. Who is eligible to apply?

Teaching Associates: Any English graduate student in good academic standing.  Priority is given to students who have passed ENGL 5894 and taught less than three semesters.

Part-time Lecturers: Applicants who have at least a Master’s in English or a closely related field.


3. What do I need to know?

Applicants should apply one semester before the term they intend to teach. Both teaching associates and part-time lecturers are hired on a yearly basis and should provide availability and course preferences for the entire academic year in which they are applying. We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2010, so applicants should provide availability through Spring 2011. Letters of recommendation and official transcripts are not required during the application process, but applicants will need to provide these upon being hired.


4. What should I submit along with my completed application?


1.  Transcripts (Unofficial copies are sufficient for application; however, if you are recommended for a position, you will need to provide official copies to Faculty Affairs).

2.  Curriculum Vitae (please include 3 references).

3.  One page teaching philosophy

4.  If you have taught a college-level writing class before, provide a copy of your syllabus. If not, please provide one unit of instruction based on one major assignment.


5. How many classes can I expect to teach?

TA: Most new and returning teaching associates will teach only one course per semester. Occasionally because of a high volume of courses or shortage of applicants, experienced associates may be asked to teach two courses. TAs are eligible to teach English 1000 and/or 1001(2). Course descriptions are available on the Writing Program website.

PT: Part-time lecturers may be hired to teach anywhere from one to five courses depending on experience, availability, resources, and departmental need. Every effort is made, however, to provide courses as they become available and to get lecturers as close to full-time as possible. PT instructors are eligible to teach English 1000, 1001(2), 2000, 3000, 3007, and 3009. Course descriptions are available on the Writing Program website.


6. Are there any other opportunities for work?

TA: If application requirements listed above have not yet been meet, but students would still like the opportunity to gain experience in the field of composition, they can apply to be a tutor in the writing center. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for hire, and employees will gain excellent knowledge, skills, and methods that can benefit them in the future when applying to be a Teaching Assistant.


PT: If applicant is looking for full-time or additional work, open faculty positions are listed on the human resources website.



7. What kinds of compensation can I expect to receive?

TA: Teaching associates are eligible to enroll in benefits if appointed at least half-time (7.5 weighted teaching units) and for more than six months.  (TA’s must be appointed to an academic year appointment for a minimum of 7.5 weighted teaching units for a semester).Benefits include all of the below except Long-term Disability—the same eligibility criteria as part-time, temporary lecturers.

Below you will find the salary scale for TAs. However, the best place to look for salary information is the Human Resources office as they have the most up to date information.

Teaching Associates (Job Code 2354 and 2353)

Teaching Associate - Academic Year (2354)



Per 3 Unit Course

Master's Program




Graduate students are also eligible to apply for fee waivers.


PT: Part-time, temporary faculty are eligible for benefits if appointed for at least 6.0 Weighted Teaching Units (.40 timebase), for at least one semester.  Coverage includes:

  • Medical BenefitsEmployee + Eligible Dependents – Employee and Employer Contributions
  • Dental Benefits - Employee + Eligible Dependents – Employer Paid
  • Vision Benefits - Employee + Eligible Dependents – Employer Paid
  • Flex CashCash in lieu of benefits when employee has other non-CSU coverage
    • Medical                $128.00
    • Dental                   $ 12.00
  • Life InsuranceEmployer paid policy of $50,000
  • Long-term DisabilityEmployer paid
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Various services - No cost to employee
  • Fee WaiverTenure, probationary, and eligible temporary faculty w/ 3 year appointments (Coaches must have 6 yrs full-time equivalent service)
    • 2 courses or 6 units at a CSU campus – see Collective Bargaining Agreement for specifics
    • You may transfer your fee waiver benefit to your spouse, domestic partner, or child, however, not all of your fees may be waived or reduced for your dependents
  • Health Care Reimbursement (HCRA) PlanVoluntary contributions on pre-tax basis
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement (DCRA) Plan - Voluntary contributions on pre-tax basis
  • CalPERS RetirementPart-time, temporary faculty are eligible if appointed half-time or more (7.5 weighted teaching units) for two consecutive semesters.  Membership begins on the third consecutive semester at half-time of more
    • Fully vested after 5 years of qualified service
    • Benefits based on years of service, age, and final compensation at retirement
    • Lifetime benefits for employee and eligible dependents when benefit eligible at time of retirement
  • Sick Leave
    • 8 hours of sick leave credit for each month of continuous service
    • Part-time employees accrue sick leave on prorated basis

Note: Check with Human Resources for the most up to date salary information.


Part-time Lecturer (Job Code 2358 AY and Job Code 2359 12-Mos)



Per 3 Unit Course





Bachelor's Degree - Ltd or no teaching experience




Master's Degree - Ltd or no teaching experience

Please contact the Human Resources department with any questions regarding employment.



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